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The world’s first smartphone integrated horseback riding speaker. Attaches securely to any saddle.

Keeps hands, eyes and ears free and focused!


Finally….. hear your riding instructor from afar, send & receive messages, make phone calls, ride to music and utilize your smartphone voice prompts hands free, earbud free and wire free from the back of your horse while your smart phone is safely stowed away!

I Rock N Ride! is the world’s first, and only smartphone integrated, Bluetooth speaker for any style of riding. Created for equestrians and by an equestrian. It’s designed to attach securely to any saddle, allowing you to easily control what you need with the push of a button.

You can be connected while riding and not have to fumble around for your phone!

A whole new way to listen to your favorite music on horseback, and can perform most smartphone capabilities: phone, text, email, timers, podcasts, reminders and more...all while on your horse!

I Rock and Ride keeps your hands, eyes, and ears free and focused. Just activate your hands free prompts from your smartphone and there’s no more distraction and dropping that phone.

It is designed to be simple to use and considerate to other riders because the sound is directional, focused straight to you.

For additional info email or call us directly.

info@irocknride.com or 732.440.RIDE

I Rock N Ride by Hoofbeatz Audio from I Rock N Ride on Vimeo.

Rock   Ride   Repeat™

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