i Rock N Ride tm by Hoofbeatz Audio in the news! Awesome write up @ ChipChick

Posted on June 07 2016

Well done @Chipchick and love the safety acknowledgement. Such contrast from the horse people of the internet that don't understand common sense or the handsfree safety value. There is a time and place for everything riders. Use good common judgement, especially when maneuvering over 1,000 lbs of horse muscle.

The main reason I created the iRNR was for times when I needed appropriate connectivity while in the saddle. I ride with it a lot, but I don't have to have it at times that is rude or dangerous. :) But it's super helpful and fun to not have to fish out my phone when I'm riding to set my timer, reminders, calendar, text, email, phone or music. 

Keeps eyes, hands and ears free and focused.


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